The Municipality of Bayamon

The Municipality of Bayamón sits on the Northern Coastal Plain region of Puerto Rico. It is also, Puerto Rico's second-largest municipality and is part of the large metropolitan area. Bayamón is the site of several notable Puerto Rican landmarks and places of interest. 


  • Museo de Arte de Bayamón
  • Casa Alcaldía
  • La Estrella del Norte
  • Museo de Arte Francisco Oller
  • Museo Casa José Celso Barbosa
  • Espacio Emergente
  • Museo Archivo Histórico
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Puerto Rico's oldest Rum Destillery

"El Barrilito" Rum is one of the local Puerto Rican rum.  Puerto Rico's oldest rum destillery used to be a sugar Plantation. Now, the Fernandez family aged and made the rum right there, in their family property.